About Us

About Us

We know that it can be a little difficult trying to narrow down a choice when you’re looking at desks. Sit stand desks have become very popular and so there are a bazillion different manufacturers out there.

This means many different websites and many different products within each site or range. There’s no easy way to compare products across different brands, until we came along of course!

Way back in 2008, Standupdesk.org was created to help easily classify, compare and review as many different sit stand or adjustable height desks that we can find. That way, users only need to go to one source to get the info they need.

We hope you find our website and service useful, feel free to ge tin touch if you have any questions.


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Our story

Our contributors are normal people who were researching sit stand desks for their home or offices. We were all a bit fed up with the process of finding a desk and trying to compare apples with apples, because these thigns are pretty expensive!

So we began compiling a list of typical features that we found useful in desks, so that you don’t have to do any hard work. All you need to do is find the desks your interested, hit compare and instantly make you decision easier.

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