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Flexipot m2b provides the supernatural blend of an automatic and manual system. This design comes without an electric motor, therefore you don't need to worry about component wear and replacements down the road. Available in different sizes and colors whereas the build quality is top-notch. You can lift more than 40lbs of desktop load with just 13lbs of force, thanks to the engineering configuration. The price can be joy for some people coming as low as $209.99 with a lifetime warranty of the frame. We are seeing positive reviews everywhere as this is a very robust and cost effective solution. Let's look at the finer details...
  • Felxipot m2b comes with three color design where steel is used in the frame. The mechanical components are joined by rivets and bolts of finest. The space-saving verticle adjustment can be very handy if you are looking for some extra space on the side. Talking about space, this also comes with a removeable little extra tray on the bottom for carrying peripheral devices like keyboard and mouse pad, etc. The moveable desk converter can change its position based on your working style and location
  • We have been talking about the pros of using this standing desk and its design manifestations. There are some design caveats which you need to understand before purchasing. Like some of the joints will require oiling and greasing regularly. Due to rapid movement and excessive usage, the components may get loosen up which can be tightened effortlessly. Likewise, if you are the sort of person who loves to keep everything at a desk, then you may find it difficult to lift heavier load as larger force will be required. In that scenario, you can either go with the electric or hydraulic standing desk.
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