Standing Desk Buying Guide

There are many factors to consider when choosing a standing desk. The type of desk, features, materials, and build quality all play a key role. Use the information on this page to become familiar with the most important factors that will help you choose the best standing desk.

Standing Desk Posture

  1. Arms at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Wrists in neutral postion.
  3. Computer monitor at eye level and directly in front of you.
  4. Monitor 20-28″ from your eyes. Screen tilted at 20 degrees.
  5. Knees slightly bent.
  6. Shift your weight occasionally from leg to leg.
  7. Wear good shoes, and consider using an anti fatigue mat.

Use this online tool to calculate the ideal standing desk height for you. Simply press the start button, enter your height, and the tool calculates the proper ergonomic dimensions for you.

Standing Desk Height

Standing Desk Prices

1 $

Electric Stand Up Desks are the most expensive

1 $

Adjustable Height Manual Desks are mid range priced.

1 $

A workstation or desktop converter would be the cheapest option


  1. First do a trial and see if you like it
  2. Start slowly and work your way up
  3. Alternate between standing and sitting
  4. Add some movement to your standing
  5. Go with an adjustable height desk
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